Viewings made easy

Features & Benefits

This is how we Streamline our Process

Our process is very simple.

1. Agent goes to the listing.

2. Agent takes a video of the listing.

3. Agent geo-tags himself at the listing.

4. Agent uploads the listing to Viewit.ae

These 4 simple steps are at the root of our product. Our goal is to deliver immersive and verifiable listings to our clients, giving you the piece of mind that you are viewing the real thing.


Time Efficient

By watching Viewit videos, you will save valuable time by being able to view the Property from your phone.


Support Team

We have a 247 support team to help you with any issues you may have


Target The Best

We only list the best Properties - we ensure that each listing is filmed at 1080p and has the requisite information and annotations to ensure that your choice is an informed one.